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Wichita Pride: Old Town 10K


It was an incredible morning this past Sunday. Wichita Running Company partnered with the Midian Shriners Charity to host the Old Town 10K, here in the heart of Kansas. The morning was perfect! If you’re a runner, you know what I’m talking about. This time of year feels incredible to rise out of bed, throw the sneakers on, and hit the pavement. It hasn’t been one of the hottest summers on record, but the changes in temperature are happening; it makes this time of year fun. Every morning is a new morning; you're not quite sure what it's going to feel like until you step out the door.

Sunday morning was one of those mornings. The air was cool, not nearly as thick and sticky as Saturday. The atmosphere was vibrant, as it is at all of Wichita Running Company’s races. It was one of those mornings you just knew things were going to happen. No words needed to be said or you may jinx it.

The day started with Wichita Running Company’s crew, spear-headed by John Muir, showing up on race day at 4:30am, quickly followed by the Midian Shriners at 5am. There is a huge time commitment with planning and setting up these courses. The individuals work endlessly to provide one of the best 10K experiences that Wichita has to offer. Our hats off to you! All of this effort is directed at one goal, which is to provide you, your friends, your family members, and the strangers on your left and right at the starting line with an excitingly memorable, race day experience. This day provided just that.

By the end of the race, almost all Rachel and I heard was the one thing that makes the grueling summer training sessions entirely worthwhile: "I PR’d!" This was exciting for us to hear! It is awesome for Rachel and me to be apart of these experiences and to relish in the moments where people want their success heard. I wish we could memorize everyones names that we met, but that it not one of my strong suits. However, this blog is for you! To know that you are awesome and all of your hard work paid off! We are beyond ecstatic for you. To commit the long hours needed along with all the episodes of pain and grief for the goal of PR'ing is nothing short of true commitment.

We are proud of you,


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