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Genetic Testing

Get your genetic testing supercharged with us. Genetic testing is going to change everything within health and healthcare. When genetic testing first came on the scene through 23andMe and AncestryDNA, data was all over the place. Unless you really understood what you were looking at or looking for, it was difficult to make sense of it. Fast forward a few years and various programs have now really made headway to make sense of who you are at a deeper level.

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Why Should I Get a Genetic Test?

This is a great question. For some, it’s simply fun to know. For others, by understanding your genetics we can understand why certain medications affect you differently, or negatively, why you cannot process certain foods, vitamins, enzymes (proteins), and hormones correctly. By understanding you at the genetic level, we become snipers, positioned to target your health desires effectively and efficiently. We are taking the guesswork out of the elimination diet.

Genetic Testing for Health Problems

83 million
different known variations of genetic expression

Genetic testing for health problems can be life changing. Imagine this, you are taking medication for whatever reason. The medication you are taking is not working, or worse having negative side-effects; however, this medication is supposed to work. Ever wonder why? This can easily be due to your genetic variation.

All humans are 99.9% exactly the same at the genomic level. All variations we see and experience amongst us is a 0.01% difference. That said, there are up to 83 million different known variations of genetic expression. What if the medication you are taking is not working due to your genetics? This can be a significant finding. The field studying this is called pharmacogenetics. Pharmacogenetics looks into how different medications work differently within individuals based on specific genes. Understanding your genes can be life changing in eliminating pain for the long-haul.

Genetic Testing for Blood Pressure

Our genetic testing will look at over 1 million genetic variants for blood pressure. This is huge and helps us understand you, your blood pressure, and potential medication compatibility at a much deeper level.

Genetic Testing for Health and Wellness

Genetic testing for health and wellness goals can be very similar to genetic testing for health problems. When looking at genetic testing for health and wellness goals, it can be important to understand how your body is capable of creating, regulating, up taking, transporting, and breaking down different hormones, proteins, sugars, etc. based on your genetic code.

Think of all the elimination diets you have tried or are currently working through – one of these diets may be better for you than another based on your genetics. If there is a nutritional program better for you, but with a tweak needed, we can better understand this by looking into your genetic code. This can be drastically important to explaining why certain individuals do better with different eating regiments, or supplementations compared to others. Understanding your goals and desires, we can better target nutritional eating programs and supplements to help you not only restore your health but optimize your health.

Genetic Testing for Pregnancy

Regarding pregnancy, there is so much occurring – hormonal changes, food cravings, belly/core shifting, etc. By understanding your genetics, we can better help accommodate your wants and needs. There may be certain food cravings due to your body not regulating a specific chemical pathway correctly or that pathway being suppressed or in overdrive due to the developing baby. With understanding how your body processes various pathways at the genomic level, we can identify these and help give you specific eating and supplementation protocols – not blindly – but with precision.

Is My Information Safe?

Your information is as safe as it comes. The genetic testing used has world class encryption, full HIPAA-Grade security, EU GDPR safe, and genetic date is anonymized.

Start Your Genetic Testing

Content written by Dr. Keith Sparks, DC | Root Cause Protocol (RCP) Consultant
Content reviewed by Dr. Rachel Sparks, DC | Root Cause Protocol (RCP) Consultant

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