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woman with neck pain from car accident

Auto Accident Injuries Chiropractor Treatment Options and Process

Our 5 Step Auto Cases System

We work with auto accident injuries and auto-related cases utilizing a 5-step procedure. This ensures clarity amongst all parties (i.e. you, us, auto company, health insurance, and attorneys). For us to provide our level of service, we require compliance with all 5 steps.

Must Fill Out: Auto Company Information

Forms are as follows:

  • At fault auto company name
  • Claim number
  • Contact representative name
  • Contact representative phone number
  • Contact representative email

Must Fill Out: Your Primary and Associated HEALTHCARE Insurance Information

If the cost(s) are not covered by the auto company, we are required to bill your health insurance company. This is the process regardless if you are a current or a new patient.

Forms are as follows:

  • Insurance company(s)
  • Insurance plan number
  • Policy holder name & birthdate

Must Fill Out: Attorney Lien

  • Associated attorney firm
  • Personal attorney name (if applicable)
  • Contact number
  • Contact email

We highly advise you to consider an attorney if you do not currently have one. If you would like us to put you in contact with an attorney, please let us know, as we are happy to do so.

We have a lien for you and the attorney to sign prior to treatment. This allows us to focus on treating you and helping you first and foremost. Our goal is to help you get out of pain and not about who is covering associated cost(s). We do not offer care at a reduced price.

$30 Per Visit Cost/Down Payment

Due to the nature of auto-claim settlement and transaction time frames (with or without attorney interventions) we require a payment of $30 due at the beginning or end of each visit as a down payment unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon with current attorney.

If using an attorney, settlements can take months to years. As a result, we are left to upfront the time associated costs for the treatment. Once settlement occurs, this $30 price per visit we be deducted from our overall associated medical bill. This leaves you, the customer, with a financially larger settlement reimbursement.

All parties are paid the same in the end. The only difference is when fees are paid. This process allows us to pay our associated overhead fees and not left to wait for months to years on reimbursement.

We Expect Participation

We are not treating you for free. Understand if we treat you, we expect you to show up accordingly and do your part in getting out of pain and recovering. If you do not show up for your appointments, it gives the auto insurance company and settlement attorneys justification to not pay a larger settlement.

This is simple. Imagine the viewpoint from the auto company or attorneys. If you do not show up for your appointments accordingly then you must not be in real pain. Therefore, the insurance company, does not need to cover healthcare cost(s) if you are not in pain from the auto accident.

If you want to have your healthcare covered, then do not give the associated insurance company or attorneys justification in not covering your healthcare bills.

Work Comp

At this time, we do not directly work with Workers Compensation cases.

DOT Physicals

At this time, we do not perform Department of Transportation Physicals.

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