Chiropractic Rehabilitation in Wichita, KS

rehabilitation rehab servicesICT Muscle & Joint Clinic’s chiropractors believe in decreasing pain and restoring balance to the body as quickly as possible. In order to do this, we often integrate chiropractic rehabilitative services. Chiropractic rehabilitation is the process of restoring tissue quality, mobility, and movement quality through specific exercises. Many of the rehabilitation exercises we integrate are advanced certifications in physical therapy such as DNS and McKenzie (MDT). Our staff frequently attends the best evidence-based rehabilitation seminars to provide you the most effective treatment approach possible.

Rehabilitation consists of 2 phases. Each phase may include specifically designed stretches, strength exercises, corrective exercises, nerve flossing procedures, or nutritional modifications to restore your health. Each treatment phase has a purpose!

Phase 1 – Decrease Pain

Pain is the number one reason people seek chiropractic care. Our primary focus is to get you fast and effective pain relief for your muscles and joints. We do this first by identifying your TRUE pain source, not merely the REACTIVE pain source.

Phase 2 – Restore Balance

There are two components to Phase 2 care:

Component 1 – In-Office Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Based Services

Component 1 is thought of as in-office care, which will take place at chiropractic and physical rehab clinic in Wichita, KS. After categorizing your pain, we will teach you the best physical rehab exercises to reduce your pain. Often, one or two exercises are all you need. By combining the best of chiropractic and physical therapy techniques such as: Chiropractic Adjustments, Dry Needling, Cupping, ASTYM, our chiropractor and physical rehab experts can speed up your recovery in office while you perform the at-home physical therapy exercises.

Component 2 – At-Home Rehabilitative Exercises

Component 2 can be considered as at-home care. The second phase of our chiropractors’ rehabilitation program is teaching our customers how to perform these at home exercises correctly for maximum results while reducing the chance of injury. By teaching you HOW and WHEN to perform these exercises at home makes your care less expensive than a traditional “perform only at our facility” type approach and is far more effective in self treating for the future.

“Give a person a fish and feed them that day. Teach a person to fish and you give them a way to feed themselves for a lifetime”

By teaching you these pain-coping skills and strengthening exercises, you will be better equipped to help yourself wherever you may find yourself (home, work, golf course, etc.).

Through the combination of our in-office treatment and at-home exercises we can effectively decrease the amount of time, energy, frustration and intensity of your pain. Our goal at ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic is to provide Wichita residents and Kansans the most advanced chiropractic and rehabilitative approach! Call us at (316) 854-3010 or contact us to learn how our chiropractors can help mitigate your pain today!

Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Based Rehab FAQ

What is the difference between chiropractic rehab and physical therapy?

Sometimes nothing and sometimes everything! Our chiropractors have all passed the Physiotherapy National Board Certification in order to provide Physiotherapy. The verbiage here is Physiotherapy instead of Physical Therapy. As a general concept, it is the exact same thing, but chiropractors must use different verbiage. Unlike most chiropractors in the Wichita, KS area, our chiropractors have extensive training in Physical Therapy seminars such as DNS, McKenzie, and much more.

What is DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization)?

DNS stands for “Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization” which addresses the root flaw in movement patterns. DNS was created by a Pediatric Neurologist, who runs the Prague School of Rehabilitation in Czech Republic. DNS is based on how we, as a species, naturally develop movement patterns. If you watch a baby from 3 months of age onward, you will see the same movement patterns (rolling over, sitting, crawling, walking) occur at nearly the same age, across all countries of the world. This indicates there is a unique and specific way for us, as a species, to move. These patterns are in our genetic make-up. By integrating these patterns back into rehab, we can maximize speed of recovery.

What is McKenzie?

McKenzie, more commonly called MDT or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, is a physical therapy technique created by Robert McKenzie, from New Zealand. McKenzie is the pro-grade version of knowing: when, where, and why to stretch, to get rid of pain in an effective, consistent, and reliable manner.

What other Physical Therapy or non-chiropractic type services do you offer?

Our chiropractors integrate a variety of skillsets to provide you the best possible outcomes, which may include: nerve flossing, dry needling, A.R.T., cupping, FAKTR/GRASTON/ASTYM/ISTYM, PIR, ischemic compression, traditional physical therapy strength exercises (McGill), and Voila. The goal of any program is to eliminate pain as fast as possible without over-treating. Just because we offer something doesn’t necessarily mean it is right for you!

How long is a typical physical rehab session?

Excluding the first visit, typically a physical rehab session lasts about 30 minutes. Within these 30 minutes, most individuals are physically exhausted. Our goal is to maximize outcomes in lesser time than a traditional personal training session. It’s about working smarter, not longer.

What is the price of physical rehab?

Each day is a new day and what your body may need today is different than 3 days ago. One day we may do adjusting and dry needling and the next just focus on exercises. Because of this variability, we typically tell people it is slightly more costly than a traditional chiropractic clinic but less than a physical therapy clinic. You get the best of all worlds from our model, which saves time, energy, and significantly improves outcomes.

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