ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic chiropractors believe in a functional and global approach to health care; this often requires rehabilitative services. Rehabilitation is the process of restoring tissue quality, dynamic function, and movement quality to improve your overall life-style and health.

rehabilitation rehab servicesRehabilitation consists of 3 phases. Our staff frequently attends the best evidence-based rehabilitation seminars in order to give you the most effective experience possible through each of the 3 phases. Each phase may include specifically designed stretches, strength exercises, corrective exercises, nerve flossing procedures, and nutritional modifications to restore your health. Each phase of care has its purpose!

Phase 1 focuses on pain elimination; phase 2 focuses on functional restoration, while phase 3 focuses on joint centration or dynamic stability. Location of pain, type of pain, tissue damaged, inflammation, presence of scar tissue, and loss of movement patterns guide which phase of care is needed for greatest benefits.

During your initial chiropractic visit, you may be given take-home exercises to immediately improve the tissue quality driving your pain! As progression through these phases occurs, so will your take-home exercises. ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic’s greatest reward is empowering our patients to take an active stance toward their health. You and your chiropractor will become a unified team to achieve the greatest reward possible: independence from pain and dysfunction.

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