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Our Chiropractors’ Healthcare Philosophy

At ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic, we believe in restoring hope, function, and quality of life by providing the most comprehensive, movement-based approach. This is done in challenge of the status quo in the current healthcare model. ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic’s chiropractors have chosen this profession in hopes of illuminating the path of a shifted focus, in contrast to our current healthcare system, toward a true health-oriented philosophy and practice. We believe we must take a stand and redirect our current “sick” care model to a true “health” care system, in order to provide and protect a positive future, for the coming generations of our society. Working together, all of us can halt, reduce, and even eliminate the rise of chronic health conditions facing our society today such as myofascial pain syndromes, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and numerous neurological diseases.

Our chiropractors believe that, with more individuals willing to take on this initiative, our community will realize that there is another approach to the current healthcare system. One that is preemptive and proactive, instead of reactive. One that focuses on the root cause of pain and dysfunctions in performance, not merely the symptoms. One that gives long-lasting results, not just temporary results or the “quick fix.” And finally, one that is cost-effective for the patient because they will potentially no longer require the lifelong medications, massive surgeries, or lost work time due to chronic health conditions.

Our Chiropractic Care Philosophy

We are a team of chiropractors seeking to involve our community and guide our portion of the healthcare system toward a brighter future. Take this stand with us, and we can all travel down a path that is healthier and happier leading to a positive tomorrow. To learn more about the many ailments we are equipped to treat, check out our comprehensive list of conditions treated. To learn more about the different methods we use as a means to treat those conditions, check out our chiropractic services list. The chiropractors and support team at ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic looks forward to meeting you!

Our Chiropractors Serving Wichita, KS

We believe we must continually learn and train in new techniques to ensure we are an active part in building a better healthcare system and brighter future. Our chiropractors are certified in a variety of techniques so we can provide each patient a customized, comprehensive treatment plan for their pain management and long-term health. Learn more about each chiropractor below.

Dr. Keith Sparks

Dr. Rachel Sparks

Dr. Sam Reals

Dr. Tyler Panko

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