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Health Programs Inspired by Physical Rehab, Chiropractic, and Functional Health

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Eliminate Pain

Eliminate Pain

Our Eliminate Pain Program is designed for those who feel they need, or are ready, for an overhaul program for their health.

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Restore Health

Restore Health

Our Restore Health Program is designed for those who can sense something is not right regarding their health but cannot find answers through traditional healthcare.

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Optimize Health

Optimize Health

Our Optimize Health Program is designed for those who feel pretty good throughout the week but want and are ready for the next level.

These programs dive deep into who you are as a person, your wants, your struggles, and working through the obstacles holding you back. These three flagship programs are liberating.

Chiropractors and Physical Therapy Specialists in Wichita, KS

ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic is grounded with the purpose of providing profound impact on your quality of life. We are a collective of healthcare providers and chiropractors geared toward pain elimination and health optimization. We strive to amplify what being alive actually means – it’s more than just existing – it’s about thriving through your years.

We tackle this head on in many ways with each person’s story being fundamentally unique. As a result, we must address your treatment and recovery plan as equally unique. Through our approaches, we offer various types of care through our telehealth, in-person, and video program services. Our goal is to not pigeon-hole you into a “program” but to allow you to fully express your goals, wants, desires, and fears within the manner you feel is best.

Your health is about you being heard. It’s about you, your life, and the change(s) you are willing to make. We are practitioners who help provide you with the most ideal option(s) for your care at this point in time within your health journey and enable you with the autonomy and knowledge to take your life into your own hands.

For those of you who are truly ready to tackle your health we have three flagship programs: Eliminate Pain, Restore Health, and Optimize Health.

Popular Chiropractic Services

Our chiropractors are determined to stay up to date regarding the latest chiropractic, physical rehab, lab testing and functional health techniques. With continuously increasing medical breakthroughs, we know that staying up to date can make a sizable difference in our patients’ lives. We offer many services; however, the following are a few of our most common and popular chiropractic services:

Popular Non-Chiropractic Services

Life is a journey. There is no one approach to rule them all. What health is, the current state of healthcare, and where healthcare should go, are all very different. Healthcare will continue to evolve, and we plan on staying ahead of the curve with the most advanced, non-traditional, and traditional chiropractic services. We often find the blend of tried-and-true with that of the experimental produce faster and greater results than either approach alone. This largely has to do with how amazing, intricate, and dynamic the human being truly is. Currently, we are finding great results with our patients in regulating lactic acid and breath work within our non-traditional chiropractic services.

Lactate Testing

We offer two versions of Lactate Testing. This helps us understand your metabolism. Ideally, both should be performed to fully understand how your body is producing, maintaining, and utilizing its energy source(s).

Breath Restoration

Our Breath Restoration Course is designed to fix breathing issues. The breath is the single most important factor we can physically work on to maximize the body’s organs or functions.

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Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail Pill
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Methylene Blue from Troscriptions
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McKenzie Lumbar Roll

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