Chiropractic Adjustments and Mobilizations by Trained Chiropractors

Content reviewed by Dr. Tyler Panko, DC | NBCE, National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Part I-IV & Physical Therapy

Chiropractic Adjustment by Our ChiropractorsChiropractic adjustments and mobilizations are statistically one of the most cost-effective treatment procedures for spinal and extremity joint dysfunctions and pain. At our East Wichita and West Wichita chiropractic clinics across Wichita, Kansas, our chiropractic care focuses on proper joint range of motion, muscular function, and dynamic movement patterns in order to establish full body health.

Common Symptoms Relieved Through Chiropractic Treatment

Our chiropractors utilize the most cutting-edge palpation and adjustment strategies to achieve the above-mentioned goals. ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic’s foundation is established through the science and philosophy of the Motion Palpation Institute, which is a leading bio-mechanical, evidence-based, chiropractic approach for achieving global body health.

Chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations are used to release restricted joints within the spine and extremities. Joints often become restricted due to improper biomechanics, poor posture, and/or faulty healing strategies from previous injuries. A restricted joint causes excessive motion in nearby joints to accomplish a desired movement task regardless of the efficiency. It is the loss of proper motion as well as creation of faulty movement patterns that lead to musculoskeletal pain. We must first move healthy, and then move often for elimination of pain and improvement of function!

Common Spinal Mobilization Methods

Toggle Drop

The chiropractor inputs pressure on a targeted area of the spine while the speeder board drops below you. This utilizes gravity to apply the adjustment, and the board can be maneuvered based on treatment. Also, this technique is great for improving extremity joint motions and related pains, especially: hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, and foot pain.

Motion Palpation and Adjusting

This technique focuses on restoring movement to the joints of the body that are lacking. There are certain joints of the body that are inherently more mobile while others are relied upon to be more stable. If a joint lacks motion, then the neighboring joints must make up the difference. Our chiropractors use motion palpation as a tool to detect restricted joints and correlated tight muscles/fascia. By focusing on restoring joint motion first, our chiropractic doctors can then implement the correct adjusting protocols and various soft tissue techniques to better eliminate pain.

Our Chiropractic Doctors Dedication to Pain Relief

At ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic, the chiropractic doctors are well trained in diagnosing and devising a chiropractic treatment plan to serve your needs. Contact us at our East Wichita clinic or West Wichita clinic to learn more about how chiropractic adjustments and mobilizations can help relieve your pain today.

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