Rocktape and KT Tape Adhered to Woman

Rocktape and KT Tape Adhered by Attentive Chiropractors

Content written by Dr. Keith Sparks, DC | FTMI, Functional Taping for Musculoskeletal Injuires Certified

KT tape has revolutionized in-between visit care and is used by people from weekend warriors to elite performance athletes. KT tape is composed of stretchable, cotton fibers that aid pain reduction, increased circulation, and added stability without the loss of mobility seen with traditional white tape.

There are many brands of KT tape including: Kinesio Tape, Spidertech, Theraband, and Rocktape. A few dominant taping strategies utilized by ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic's chiropractors include: stability taping, neurosensory taping, and structural taping (SPRT). At ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic we select different taping strategies to best fit specific conditions or dysfunctions.

The best scientific literature demonstrating the effectiveness of taping outcomes is based on its effect on neurology. Pain is a sensation produced by the brain’s interpretation of what is happening. Countless sensory fibers connect to the brain from every part of the body; sensations travel through these fibers at different speeds depending on what the stimulus is. KT tape produces a sensation that travels faster to the brain than certain pain fibers. As a result, the brain interprets the stimulated skin fibers first and focuses on them instead of pain from the damaged tissue. This neurological input is why KT tape or Rocktape applied by your chiropractor is highly effective at eliminating pain. 

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