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Weekend Follow Up

This past weekend I was fortunate to attend a seminar hosted by another chiropractor in the Wichita area. The education was focused on better treating athletes, and weightlifters in particular, based on a technique named Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (for more information, stay turned for an upcoming blog OR come in and visit us so we can show you firsthand). The class consisted of chiropractors, personal trainers and strength coaches; it was great to see professionals from varying disciplines being able to work together.

The presenter speaks all over the United States and even abroad. He is very knowledgeable in the field of biomechanics and has many years of experience treating the athletic population. Historically, chiropractors may not address aspects such as form while lifting or doing other sports or exercises. But at ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic, we pride ourselves on being functional doctors by addressing and correcting how a person moves through daily life. Everyone knows that having good posture while sitting or standing is better for you, but have you ever considered the posture you adopt when you go through movement? We are meant to move, why not move better! This applies to everyone from grandma chasing her grandkids around to the weekend warrior keeping up with yardwork or running a 5K.

If you read last week's post and were wondering, Keith was able to stop by the seminar after both races and even though he did get rained on Sunday morning in Derby, he was still in good spirits!

This weekend's seminar brought us more information & methods that we are eager to apply when treating our patients at ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic!

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