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Unconference Tech/Gaming Expo


Wichita's Gaming World

This past Saturday, Drs. Rachel and Keith attended a tech expo for gamers at WSU. Led by Wichita eSports, several hundred individuals attended to participate in tournaments involving games such as League of Legends and Super Smash Bros projected up on the big screens for all to watch. Also, there were computers grouped together in the corners of the room for other tournaments such as NHL 17. All of this is proof of the presence and support the gaming community possesses here in Wichita, Kansas. For those of you that think gaming is only a pastime, well-known individuals, such as Mark Cuban, are starting to financially invest in leagues so we are guessing that it is here to stay. Gaming involves strategy, brings a team of individuals together, and its potential for the future is looking bright. Teams from major universities, such as Kansas State, attended to participate and observe the active push to grow Wichita’s gaming community. Not to mention, Shocker Startup held a pitch competition during the event too!

The Future of Gaming

Companies, such as Quickdraw Studios and FireShark Gaming, attended with a constant stream of participants extremely interested in what each company was offering. Quickdraw Studios displayed their company-built flying VR game, "Space Slam", to highlight their electronic and gaming skills. Their focus is on building brand awareness and marketing through gaming. Quickdraw created the first video game for Riverfest known as “Riverfest: Sunny Days” and the popular game at Hopping Gnome called “Gnome Wars”. Fireshark is a Virtual Reality (VR) gaming company, located at 21st and Greenwich, capable of supporting parties of one all the way up to large corporate events. Dr. Keith had the opportunity to participate in a zombie game offered by Fireshark. There was a point, while playing, that Dr. Keith stated the game “felt so real, I jumped from being startled by a zombie attacking me from behind.” That will get your heart rate pumping!  Both of these companies are a must to check out and virtual reality demonstrates the future of gaming with the added component of physical movement, which you all know these chiropractors are happy about! ;-)

Wichita eSports' game is leveling up and we at ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic are eager to see where they take the Wichita gaming world!