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Dry Needling: Our Chiropractic Approach


Forgetting many little nuisances to "needling" such as gauge, size, diameter, and material, here is our approach to dry needling. Depending on a person’s comfortability and tissue quality we may start with just dry needling; no fancy tricks. From here, if needed, I will progress into more intricate forms of dry needling if results become stagnant or limited. Quite frankly this rarely happens as long as the injuried tissue is classified correctly. Don’t get me wrong, dry needling is powerful, but it is never the end-all-be-all. Sometimes people are scared of the idea of dry needling and want to be eased into the approach. There is no right or wrong mindset here.

So, here is our approach from simple to complex (disclaimer: do not play around with this at home, leave it to the professionals).

Dry Needling Videos

Dry Needle Only

Dry Needle + E-Stim or Dry Needle with Local Motion

If you look closely to the black alligator clip you can see a pulse (ie electrical current) running between the two needles.

Dry Needle + E-Stim + Local Motion

Final Remarks on Dry Needling

Hopefully the videos above help ease your concerns with dry needling. It’s not right for everyone, but it can be a powerful tool in decreasing pain and improving performance. Dry Needling is not necessarily new age as many acupuncture specialists like to point out; however, there are different twists, techniques, and philosophies. Remember, performing this is only for trained professionals. The purpose of this blog and videos are to make you more comfortable and aware of differences within dry needling.

If you are considering dry needling as a treatment option, but are wary of certain things you may have seen in these videos, please express your concern to your healthcare provider. Healthcare should be about open communication between the two parties (i.e. doctor and patient), so please do your part and speak up. Dry needling is an amazing tool and hopefully you know a little more today than you did yesterday.

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