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2018 Changes!!


Happy Holidays everyone!

We wish you, your family members, and friends the very best going into the new year! It is always exciting to think of what the next year will offer as you reflect on the previous year. For us, so many things have changed; Rachel and I were married, and we are now expecting our first child late spring. As I am writing this I cannot believe how much has changed so fast and how well Wichita has rallied behind our cause of setting a new standard for chiropractic care. Stating this there will be some changes in services and pricing for 2018.

Many people love certain services that we have been offering over more industry standard services such as dry needling, taping, and compression sleeves. Unfortunately, we must change how we are offering (more so charging) these services. For 2018 our prices for these services will be as follows.

Dry Needling $20 –  for every 7.5 minute
Taping $10 – covers region of body
Compression Sleeves/Boots (15 minute/session)

  • $20/visit
  • $85 for a package of 5 visits (15% savings / visit!)

Some of the services we have been offering have been at no cost to you. However, like all industries, there are changes that must be made due to laws and third-party agreements (insurance companies). For us to offer these services and be compliant with insurance companies and legal obligations we must start charging for these services that are stated above as separate and distinct services. This means these services will not be covered by insurance companies and payment will fall fully on the individual. All other services will still be directed toward your insurance plan (co-ins. or co-pay) and company. Currently these are the only charges that will change.

Our mission has always been to elevate the current standard of chiropractic care here in Wichita and for that to become the standard. It is a lofty goal! We want to be forthcoming as to why these changes will be happening. Hopefully you all understand. If you have any questions, please call and ask! We are always here for you!

We are also excited to announce we are working toward membership style services gear toward individuals and families that want more affordable options that are preventitive in nature versus reactive (current healthcare model)! So stay tuned for further information! For a full list of service prices visit our Facebook page "Services" Tab. 

Best wishes,

~Drs. Keith & Rachel Sparks