What to Expect When Visiting ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic

Congratulations! Reading this page indicates you are seeking improved care in regards to your health, performance, and well-being. Your initial visit will consist of an in-depth consultation and series of examinations with the goal of identifying the tissue(s) damaged and functional limitations aggravating or contributing to your pain, performance issue, and lack of global health.

Examinations will include leading, evidence-based protocols incorporating: advanced chiropractic palpation, functional movement screens, orthopedic examinations, muscle length assessments, nerve tension assessments, joint range of motion assessments, neurological examinations, and nutritional screenings.

We do not perform imaging (i.e. X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc.) in office. If imaging is required, we reserve the right to refer out to the necessary location for these services. If you have a preferred location, let us know and we will send the necessary documents to that facility. If you have old or recent images, please bring these documents (reports, discs, or films) with you to your initial evaluation.

Phases of Care

Phase 1: Relief Care

During or after the examination phase, your chiropractor will explain your findings and teach you what may be contributing to and aggravating your pain and dysfunction. The first step will be focused on the reduction and elimination of your pain, and the expected course of treatment to resolve your symptoms. This step often involves education on postural corrections, movement modifications, habit changes, nutritional modifications, and other first line treatment protocols aimed at eliminating your pain. Your doctor will also discuss the realistic short-term and long-term goals and expectations for your tailored treatment plan. Research indicates, to begin identification of cellular changes within soft tissue structures, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Due to this fact, Phase 1 often lasts 2-4 weeks, depending on the severity, complexity, and duration of symptoms.

Phase 2: Functional Care

Functional care starts immediately when the tissue damage causing pain is eliminated or reduced. Exercises prescribed during Phase 1 may need to be continued during the initial portion of Phase 2. New in-office and take-home exercises will be incorporated into care. These exercises will focus on restoration of function, activities of daily living, occupational requirements, recreational goals, sports performance, and any other goals you are seeking that were established during the initial visit. If function is not improved, then the previously damaged tissue will flare-up, once again creating pain. This step is vital and if ignored during the rehabilitation phase, a relapse in pain, increased money invested, and extended time spent in treatment will occur.

Phase 3: Maintenance Care

Our maintenance care focuses on keeping the body’s dynamics in balance throughout motion. During this phase of care, frequency of visits is entirely decided by the patient. We highly recommend at least 1x per month or every other month, especially if the demand of activity is high in daily life.

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