Pregnancy and Postpartum Care by Empowering Chiropractors

Content reviewed by Dr. Rachel Sparks, DC

Dr. Rachel strives to educate, assist, and empower expectant / postpartum mothers (and their newborns) to thrive in the Wichita, KS community. Mothers undergo the most athletic event anyone can ever experience, and with courage some will undergo this event several times! The event being childbirth. Pregnancy Chiropractic Services

Dr. Rachel utilizes an advanced, triage approach including: fitness, nutrition, and chiropractic care. The female body is an amazing and life-giving being. Throughout the process of pregnancy and delivery, the body will have undertaken a large toll. Often, the only care or advice women are given is to rest with a follow-up exam in 6 weeks. Hello? Did we mention what just happened was the MOST ATHLETIC EVENT anyone can undergo? During this first 6 weeks postpartum, the body begins the healing process regardless of your birthing method. Throughout this time, it is vital to incorporate rehabilitation care to eliminate or decrease your chances of unwanted and often avoidable conditions, such as incontinence.

Dr. Rachel places a heavy emphasis on eating right, staying in the right mindset, and staying physically active. Whatever your personal goals are in regard to fitness: walking, running, yoga, gym junkie, or weekend warrior, ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic will take your pregnancy and postpartum experience to new heights!

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