Pediatric Care by Our Expert Chiropractors

Content reviewed by Dr. Rachel Sparks, DC

Giving life can be a traumatic but amazing experience for new mothers! Newborns also undergo this traumatic experience but cannot verbalize their pains. All parents want the best for their child whether it means becoming a professional athlete, doctor, artist, or anything in-between. However, we often focus on the destination instead of the journey which includes the many, small steps that make up “life.” Baby Crawling Properly due to Proper Pediatric Care

Dr. Rachel focuses on using advanced, gentle chiropractic care, reflex locomotion, movement-based assessments, and nutritional advice to encourage every child to become the best version of themselves. As an infant transitions to a toddler, certain milestones of development should be achieved within certain time frames. Dr. Rachel uses her skills to improve a child’s development, reaching these milestones in the proper way.

ICT Muscle & Joint Clinic’s chiropractic doctors realize the significance of addressing deficiencies during youth rather than waiting to “fix” a broken adult. When a child’s development occurs fluidly in relation to his/her age, it shows the brain and the body are communicating ideally. Help your child achieve the most in life by allowing us to provide them with a road map to long-lasting health!

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