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Dr. Tyler Panko, DC

Dr. Tyler Panko’s mission is to change the view of what highest quality healthcare is in Wichita. He believes in treating each person as a human first, not just someone coming in for treatment for pain. Every person is unique and has a different overall history and presentation of their pain. This, along with different hopes, wants, desires, and fears, means every case needs to be approached with care appropriate for them. Healthcare outcomes keep getting worse and there is a massive lack of physicians who know how to put the pieces of health together. The biggest gaps in healthcare today are a proper detailed assessment, up-to-date education on conditions, and a realistic plan to not only get patients out of pain long term without the use of drug or surgery, but also improve the underlying cause going forward.

This is why Dr. Panko strives to be a great physician first and a rehab specialist second. This means being able to listen, assess history and movement, screen pain, diagnose, and categorize cases properly by treating each like a puzzle aiming to fit the pieces together. More time spent on the assessment will always save time on the treatment if we know what we are aiming at. As we know, pain is multifactorial with lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, stress, previous injuries, previous conceptions, movement, fitness and work demands, medications, previous failed or non-lasting treatment (especially with chronic pain), etc. all potentially playing a role. Dr. Panko strives to work as a teammate with patients and other providers to empower and restore locus of control of overall health and ability to live a healthy, pain free, active, and independent life. Dr. Panko sees himself as a traffic controller; guiding you to the best places to be treated or co-treated for your pain and overall health. “Improved” for Dr. Panko does not mean just out of pain, but walking out of his care a healthier, more educated, and better functioning human overall.

When it comes to mechanical pain, Dr. Tyler has seen the best outcomes produced when chiropractic, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and soft tissue techniques and principles are combined into an individualized plan for the patient. His purpose and passion are to educate and help all people, ranging from acute to chronic pain, professional athlete to daily worker, and young child to elderly, go from pain to increased performance in their daily lives doing the things they love. His belief is that life is an athletic event, and everybody has the right to move and feel great well into old age.

Dr. Panko received his B.S. in Business Management from University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE while being a member of Alpha Gamma Sigma fraternity and serving numerous leadership positions inside and outside the fraternity including chapter vice president, chapter secretary, and public relations chair of the Greek Council. He received his D.C. degree from Cleveland University - Kansas City in Overland Park, KS.

During his time at Cleveland, he was an active member of Motion Palpation Institute Club and obtained credentials to become a Certified Functional Strength Coach. Dr. Panko spent many weekends, during school and currently, traveling throughout the US to attend over 600 hours of continuing education courses in various rehab and treatment techniques.

Dr. Panko loves that he is able to bring these clinical skills and tools to provide the care the greater Wichita community deserves. He believes in a lifelong learning approach and continually striving to refine and improve his clinical skills in treatment, rehab, exercise, and health to better serve his patients. Above all, he wants to show patients that he wants the best for them, no matter what.

tyler panko working with physical rehab patient
dr tyler panko teaching patient proper exercise form

Dr. Tyler Panko’s Credentials and Certifications

  • BS – Bachelor of Science in Business Management

  • DC – Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College-Kansas City

  • NBCE – National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Part I-IV & PT

  • Blood Flow Restriction Rehab - Owens Recovery Science

  • CFSC – Certified Functional Strength Coach

  • DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Technique – Part A, B, C

  • DNS - Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization – Exercise 1&2

  • FAKTR – Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation

  • FMS – Functional Movement Screen Certified

  • FTMI – Functional Taping for Musculoskeletal Injuries Certified

  • 3D Maps Movement Analysis & Performance System Certified – Gray Institute

  • MDT – McKenzie Methods / Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy – Part A,B,C,D

  • MPI – Motion Palpation Institute Referral List Certified (Gait Analysis and Sports Summits)

  • NDS – Neurodynamic Solutions – Lower Quarter

  • OnBaseU – OnBase University Certified (Baseball) – Level 1 Hitting

  • PPSC – Pain Free Performance Specialist Certified

  • Rehab to Fitness – Progressing Patients from Rehab to Fitness Program

  • Rethinking Running Rehab - Part B Gait Analysis and Rehab of Runners

  • Rocktape – Functional Movement Taping

  • SFMA – Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified

  • Structure & Function Dry Needling - Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Sport Performance Needling 

  • Shoulder Rehabilitation Approach - Somatic Senses

  • TPDN – Trigger Point Dry Needling – Level 1

  • TPI – Titleist Performance Institute Certified – Level 1 Medical

dr tyler performing dry needling on patient

Wichita Community Involvement

  • City Life Church - Neighborhood Fellowship: Providing musculoskeletal care to homeless and people in poverty 1x/month

  • City Life Church - Kid’s Life Sunday School K-2nd grade 1x/month

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters

  • Business Networking International (BNI Networking Ninjas)

  • Fitness/Health Workshops at Local Gyms and Studios

  • Functional Athletic Rehabilitation and Movement Online Residency and Grand Rounds

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